Your Golden Ticket of Marketing (Hint: It’s Not Your Website)

Too often, companies dive into creating a brand-new website—or other major marketing initiative—without having any kind of strategy, plan, or goal in place to help guide them. As a result, the messaging, targeting, and brand voice are all over the place.

Ultimately, the website or major marketing effort doesn’t do what the business hoped: It’s not a golden ticket… It’s not a direct path to strategic results.

But there is a true golden ticket of marketing: the right messaging.

With the right messaging, you can create effective, targeted communication that helps build lasting relationships with current customers and allows you to reach ideal customers in larger numbers.

This article will guide you through the basics of messaging, including how to create key messages and a value proposition, build a messaging framework, and choose between horizontal and vertical messaging.

With that strategic foundation, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of not only your website but also your marketing as a whole.


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