Video: Google & Bing Talking About The SEO Community

Google released the first video in part two of the SEO Mythbusting series. It starts with Martin Splitt of Google sitting down and talking with Sandhya Guntreddy of Bing. In short, they talk mostly about SEO community related topics.

The video talks about the common SEO questions both Bing and Google get from the SEO community. It talks about various trends in the SEO community. How Bing Webmaster Tools integrates and works together with Google. My two favorite parts were around how Martin goes off on how some try to ask different Googlers the same question and hope to get different responses. The second favorite part was about how SEOs references DA and other third-party metrics and ask why their sites don’t rank well.

Here is the outline of the talk:

  • If I have a lot of backlinks, will I rank higher? (0:00)
  • How to rank at the top of search engines? (1:43)
  • I run search ads, will I get ranked higher? (6:09)
  • Is the SEO community getting more technical? (6:35)
  • Blockers, Robots.txt, Bingbot and Googlebot (7:15)
  • Integration of Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools (9:58)
  • Recommendations for JavaScript SEO (10:35)
  • Third-party tool scores and query intent vs user intent (12:53)

Here is the video:

[embedded content]

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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