The Ultimate Online Editing and Proofreading Checklist for Writers

The writing process is a chance to let creativity fly and tell a story with your own words.

Another, less glamorous part of the writing process is editing.

As you may know, proofreading is essential for any blog or ebook. It makes your work look professional, and without editing, it’s unclear to know how many mistakes or readability problems being published.

Remembering every single little grammar and editing rule is nonsense. While many become instincts over time, humans are known to make mistakes. That’s why we’ve created a checklist for you to use while editing so you have a point of reference while proofreading.

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This list isn’t just about grammar rules; it also includes tips from topic selection, SEO, to promotion. Essentially, it can take you from beginning to the end of what you write.

editing and proofreading checklist graphicRead on for our complete editing and proofreading checklist — made with the content creator in mind.

The Content Creator’s Editing Checklist

In this checklist, we will go over nine sections, listed below.


We’ll start at the beginning with topics. Knowing which topic to write about can come from various places, but these tips will double check that what you’re writing about will resonate with your readers and have the chance to rock it with SEO.

Can the angle be tweaked to be even more interesting?


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