The Future of Marketing Organizations Post-Pandemic: Top 5 Predictions

The pandemic has caused unprecedented upheaval in the corporate world, and we marketers are trying to find our bearings in an environment unlike any we have known.

Granted, some of the changes we are experiencing are bound to be only temporary. But others are likely to persist, forming a new foundation for the way businesses function post-pandemic.

What will that “new normal” look like? Can you prepare your team now for what lies ahead?

Here are five of my top predictions about what the future may hold for marketers and marketing organizations.

1. Business leaders will fully recognize the benefit of a solid digital strategy

In the past, championing digital transformation was often an uphill battle. Everyone recognized its importance, but few were willing to take the necessary steps.

Now, digital is providing a lifeline. Customers around the globe are turning to the brands with the most effective outreach and e-commerce and/or digital-delivery capabilities. As a result, many companies—particularly those that were not far enough along on their digital transformations—are being forced to rapidly re-evaluate their approaches.

I expect changes within sales and marketing organizations to happen quickly as business leaders begin to truly understand the value of digital marketing—and then reprioritize their multichannel, content creation, and personalization strategies.


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