Tasty Bites of Content: Food Shot Uses Sked to Turn Their Followers into Customers

How Foodshot uses Sked Social to help their clients turn followers into customers

Foodshot is a marketing agency specifically for the hospitality industry. They’re a team of marketing experts who work with restaurants, cafes and bars worldwide who want to squeeze more out of their marketing budget by implementing a comprehensive strategy.

A huge piece of the marketing pie is social media, and Foodshot uses Sked Social to help streamline this side of the business. We caught up with Ashley Hunt, Foodshot’s Social Media Manager, to share a little more about their process of creating content, as well as getting to know Foodshot’s best tips for restaurant marketing.

These bite-sized tips are perfect for restaurateurs and marketers alike.

Tasty feeds

Create a drool-worthy feed and audiences will follow with their feet.

“Our food photography is such an important part of what we do. It’s why Instagram works so well for us as food belongs on a visual platform.”

Our favourite Sked features is the visual Instagram planner. Because we’re working with #foodporn all day every day, we always want to make sure it’s going to look great in our client’s feed. The planner is the best way to do this, and before you know it we can have a months worth of content scheduled.

Once you know the upcoming content looks delicious, we move to the calendar to check the volume. It’s important for us to check that we are meeting key deliverables as part of our marketing plan with each individual client, and this is an easy way to make sure that we are on track.”

Content is king

“The truth is, there are a lot of restaurants out there and we would hate for our clients to get lost amongst the thousands of food pics. Instead of posting photos of food and more food, we like to get creative with our content. 

We pack our content schedule with food and drink days of the year and then we use these to create event concepts and specials that create content on social media. For example, Long Chim is one of Sydney’s best Thai restaurants. In June, Long Chim are running special offers on World Rose Day, International Gin Day, and Lobster Day. Each of these promos give us plenty to shout about on Instagram and Facebook, and we also got some very shareable photos out of it. We’re then able to take these concepts and create event listings and valuable PR opportunities, both of which are great for SEO.

To mix things up and keep our feeds balanced, we also love to post about recipes, behind the scenes shot of the team working hard in the kitchen, location shots, features on various suppliers or food regions, influencer and blogger content, business milestones and anniversaries, collaborations with other local brands and community initiatives.”

Collaborating with clients

“One of the best things about Sked is that we are able to give our clients access too. This means that we can go ahead and schedule content in advance and add it to the planner, and then the client can jump in, make any necessary changes and then approve posts. This ability to collaborate makes our process much quicker so that we can get on to other things. It also means that clients can jump in at any time and add posts should something come up on short notice, without us needing to do it on their behalf. It’s a win win!”

Your audience knows best

“We believe that if you’re not listening to your audience, you’re wasting your time on social media. Monitoring is one of the most important aspects of a social media strategy, and something that is made easy with Sked’s Advanced Instagram Analytics. One thing that really shocked us was the best times to post. We used to think we knew when this was based on the data we had compiled ourselves, but we were wrong. Now, we can see exactly when each of our clients’ audiences are most active and we work our whole posting scheduling around this.

Because we are always talking with our clients to let them know our progress, we love how easy these insights are to export and share. It’s great to be able to go to our clients each month with a detailed report on what’s working and what can be improved.”

Team work makes the dream work

“Our team of foodies and marketing experts work incredibly hard behind the scenes to keep our clients happy. The only way we can do this is if we all step up and do our bit.

Our Social Media Coordinator Jess is our Sked whizz, scheduling hundreds of posts each week based on our content strategy. Our Account Manager Kim will then have a conversation with a client and then log in to Sked and make changes accordingly. Our Director Clive will jump in to oversee things and make sure everything is on track. Our Graphic Designer Bel will upload her designs straight to the drafts of a particular client. This means we are able to streamline our process and get more done in less time. There’s no need for unnecessary comms and everyone plays their part.”

To view all the great content that Foodshot is posting, you can follow them on Instagram @FoodshotSydney. You can also reach out on their website, Foodshot.com.au.


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