9 Types of Organizational Structure Every Company Should Consider

Choosing the best organizational structure for your company, division, or team is a lot like picking out a new car. At the most basic level, you’re always looking for something road-worthy — something that can take you (and your passengers) from point A to point B without a hitch.


How to Structure a Kick-Ass Marketing Team for Any Company

 Companies are taking note of inbound marketing and revamping their strategy and talent pool to generate higher quality leads at about a 60% lower cost per lead than outbound marketing . Want to know how you can transform your marketing department to become an inbound lead generating machine helping your sales team KILL it and grow your business? Here’s how: Talent. All your inbound excitement […]


HubSpot’s Guide to Building a Killer Marketing Team

We all know the age-old expression, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” Though I’ve never tried, I’m going to guess they’re right about that. Likewise, there are many different ways to build a high-performing, growth-focused marketing team. However, in my experience, I have found that there are six absolute must-have positions that the majority of best-in-class B2B companies employ. Particularly if […]

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