Sports retail win: how Cricket World Moorabbin organizes digital assets and sources UGC with Sked Library

Cricket World Moorabbin is a sports retail store that specializes in Cricket gear. They aren’t just a basic sporting retailer though. They’re changing the way athletes do their equipment shopping providing:

  • an online ‘3D Cricket World’ where Cricketers can virtually touch & feel the equipment from the comfort of their own home
  • a Showroom with a High End Layout & Presentation of Cricket Equipment like non before
  • an Online & In-Store Fitting methodology that ensures Cricketers of all ages have the correct equipment for their size, skill level & technique that will improve performance.

As part of their marketing strategy, they create content for four different social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It isn’t just a typical “here are our products” approach to social. They utilize their pages to give coaching advice, entertain and educate their followers about all things Cricket.

Another part of Cricket World Moorabbin’s social strategy is the process in which they create content, find user generated content and stay organized. This is where Sked, specifically Library, comes into play.

Here’s how Cricket World Moorabbin utilizes Sked’s new Library feature to stay efficient and organized, source user generated content and save time.

Staying organized as a team

As a major retailer, organization of digital assets amongst a team is key for streamlining social media processes. Having all of your content spread across multiple desktops and online clouds makes collaboration difficult.

Before Library, Cricket World Moorabbin relied on multiple platforms to store and share their assets.

“Between our desktop and Google Drive, we had all our social media content banked in there, which allowed multiple people to access the content whenever we needed it.”

But now, that access has become even easier being able to store and organize all of their content in one place, where their entire team has access. And with Zapier integration with Library, Cricket World Moorabbin is able to automatically transfer anything uploaded in their Google Drive straight to their collections in Library.

“Library has halved the time it takes for us to sort & create our social media content.”

With four different social media accounts to create content for, time is an important part of the operation.

Autotagging for the win

With the massive amounts of content that it requires to run successful retail social media accounts, finding content that’s spread across multiple places is a challenge. Especially when you don’t know the exact name of a file. You just have to hope that someone put it in the right folder.

“The auto-tagging feature allows us to be super organised with our different assets, compared to having heaps of content in one folder that’s unorganized and impossible to find!”

Library’s tagging feature helps eliminate the time spent searching for that one piece of content. Cricket World Moorabbin tags their assets with keywords then can easily search for the files by name or tag.

They create their own tags or choose from the list of suggested tags, save their assets and can sort and filter by tags.

Spending less time on mundane searching allows for more time being put into the creative process and strategy.

This has sped up the process of creating social media and leaves us more time to complete our other tasks.”

Cricket World Moorabbin can now spend more time creating the perfect captions, selecting the best hashtags and telling a story rather than searching for a file.

User generated content

User generated content is a great way to connect with your audience, show brand personality and seem down to earth. Especially in retail, potential customers are looking to existing users to find guidance.

Should I purchase this item? Should I go through this store? There are tons of questions consumers consider before committing to a retailer, especially for athletes and the plethora of places that provide Cricket gear.

Using UGC helps Cricket World Moorabbin answer those questions and build rapport.

“Within the cricket retail industry, it is really important to stand out (as there are so many competitors). The industry is generally very generic with the content that is used, so we believe that we can develop a significant edge with content that is user generated & also appeals to the cricket community.”

Cricket World Moorabbin posts UGC to get that edge up on the competition. Whether it’s funny, relatable posts or customers wearing their gear, Cricket World is showing brand personality and reaching new potential customers.

Sourcing UGC can be time consuming and expensive. But with Library, it’s as easy as searching for a hashtag. Cricket World can simply type in #cricket and sort through content by most recent or by top posts.

Once Cricket World Moorabbin finds UGC that meets their criteria, they can save it to a collection with one click. From their collection they can easily create and schedule their posts.

Perfect for tracking UGC using personalized hashtags as well. Encourage followers to share content and use a specific brand hashtag so you can share how your customers are utilizing your products.

Final coaching advice

Working as a team is key for successful sports retailers. Staying organized, sourcing user generated content and saving time with Library helps Cricket World Moorabbin come out on top.

“I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t uploaded their social media content into the Sked Library yet, it’ll make your life so much easier!”


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