Social Media News: Twitter halts removing inactive accounts, Facebook prototypes “close friends” feature, Facebook and Instagram outages and more

This week in social media news: Twitter halts its plan to remove inactive accounts until they can figure out how to address the accounts of deceased loved ones, Facebook is prototyping a “Favorites” list similar to “Close Friends” on Instagram, Facebook and Instagram experience outages over Thanksgiving and Facebook launches Viewpoints where users can earn money from surveys.

Twitter pauses removing inactive accounts

Twitter announced that they would be removing inactive accounts in order to free up usernames. But this has been put on hold until they can figure out a way to memorialize the accounts of deceased love ones.

Twitter posted a thread to clarify what’s happening right now:

Source: Twitter

Twitter originally sent out emails to inactive accounts telling them to log in to their account or it would be deleted. People were quick to respond with questions about accounts from people who have passed away.

After the amount of backlash questioning this, Twitter was quick to respond. They told the Verge that they are thinking about ways to memorialize accounts (like users can do on Facebook).

Facebook “Close Friends” Feature

Facebook is prototyping a feature in Messenger that is similar to how “Close Friends” works on Instagram. This was discovered by reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong and confirmed to Techcrunch.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

“Favorites” will let Facebook users sort their actual friends from their acquaintances and easily send posts to their Favorites through Messenger. The feature isn’t rolling out for testing yet but we might be able to expect similar functionality to the “Close Friends” feature.

We have seen some people monetize their “Close Friends” list as a way to get insider access to celebrities and brands. We wonder if Favorites will be used in a similar way.

Instagram and Facebook outage

Many users across the US experienced outages with Instagram and Facebook during the Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t worry, everything seems to be back to normal.

Source: Instagram

The outage caused some problems across the Facebook apps leaving users unable to post photos or answer messages. Of course, people immediately started taking to Twitter to complain about the outage and Instagram was pretty quick to resolve the issue.

The company said it was “an issue in one of our central software systems.”

Facebook Viewpoints

According to Techcrunch, Facebook has launched a new program called Viewpoints, where users get paid to take surveys. It will be used as a market research and product testing tool.

Users who are 18+ can sign up to take a well-being survey. The survey will help Facebook better understand and limit the number of negative impacts of social media.

There are also opportunities to try out new apps or complete “online chores.” Users can earn $5 paid over PayPal just for taking the well-being survey.

Facebook says they will only be using the data collected internally and will not sell it. Still, hesitations arise from giving Facebook even more private data after the plethora of recent issues involving Facebook and privacy.

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