Social Media News: Instagram Adds New Boomerang Features and Tests Desktop DMs, Facebook Accused of Pushing out Competitors in Class Action Suit

This week in social media news: Instagram updates it’s Boomerang features to help compete with TikTok’s editing capabilities, Instagram officially starts testing Direct Messaging on desktop and a group of mobile app developers have filed a class action complaint against Facebook accusing them of pushing out competitors by banning them from using their API.

Instagram updates Boomerang features

Instagram adds new creative features to Boomerang including SlowMo, Echo, Duo and Trimming.

Source: Instagram
  • SlowMo: This will slow down your Boomerang to play for two seconds in each direction (instead of the normal one second)
  • Echo: Blurs any motion in the video creating a trail behind the moving object
  • Duo: Rewinds the clip really quickly and adds a texturized effect transition
  • Trim: Edit the length of your Boomerang or trim the front/end to choose when it starts/ends

With the rise of TikTok, it makes sense for Instagram to offer more creative video editing features. You can access these by clicking on the Boomerang infinity logo on the top (after you make the Boomerang like normal).

Instagram is bringing DMs to desktop

This week, Instagram announced that they are officially testing Direct Messaging on the web.

Source: Instagram

Select users are already part of the test and will get notifications when they receive a DM, can view their inboxes, start chats or group chats, send photos, and double tap to like things (just like in the app).

While this is a welcome feature for many social media managers, businesses and agencies, questions are also arising about encryption.

Facebook’s former Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos tweeted, “This is fascinating, as it cuts directly against the announced goal of E2E encrypted compatibility between FB/IG/WA. Nobody has ever built a trustworthy web-based E2EE messenger, and I was expecting them to drop web support in FB Messenger. Right hand versus left?”

This doesn’t mean it can’t be done though. And an Instagram spokesperson told Techcrunch that “as with Instagram Direct on mobile, messages currently are not encrypted. The company is working on making its messaging products end-to-end encrypted, and it continues to consider ways to accomplish this.”

Facebook accused of shutting out mobile apps in lawsuit

Mobile app developers have filed a class action complaint against Facebook alleging that the company cut off access to data in an attempt to shut them out.

Many third party apps thrive and grow from data accessed through Facebook (those ones that let you login through FB and request info, etc). The suit argues that Facebook revoked access to certain apps without reasonable justification or cause.

The suit argues that Facebook identified apps that were threats and cut them off from key API’s. Allegedly other competitors like Pinterest, Foursquare and Tinder were coerced into “handing over their central assets—their social data—by again leveraging its Platform, threatening the apps with extinction by starving them of access to core Platform APIs if they did not join Facebook’s so- called “reciprocity” scheme.”

A Facebook spokesperson responded to the allegations saying that the companies operate in a competitive environment. “In the current environment, where plaintiffs’ attorneys see financial opportunities, claims like this aren’t unexpected but they are without merit,” the spokesperson said.

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