Should You Break Up Your CSS & JavaScript Files Into Smaller Chunks? Here Is What Google Said.

Bartosz Goralewicz asked Martin Splitt of Google an interesting question. He asked if we should break out CSS and JavaScript files into smaller chunks of files or not. The answer from Martin is a long one but in short, it depends. 🙂

It seems like using smaller chunks can help a bit with debugging issues and also with Google caching things but it can cause other issues. So if you do it, make your chunks reasonable and don’t over do it. Bartosz summed it up on Twitter saying “It is good to have *reasonable* chunks but also – don’t go crazy with deploying changes every few hours for all the files. It is better to only deploy changes to a single file that *needs* it, rather than change versions just for the sake of deployment?”

Here is the question:

Here is his seven part answer:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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