SEO & Content Explored In Google’s Latests SEO Mythbusting Video

Martin Splitt and Lily Ray in the latest SEO mythbusting video has just been released and it is chockfull of information around content. If you write content on your web sites, which I hope you do, you will want to watch this video.

Here is the video:

[embedded content]

Here is the outline:

  • Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00)
    Introduction to the episode (1:07)
  • How much content should I have and to what extent does this help my performance? (1:52)
  • Does having a blog / producing new content help my performance on Google? (03:02)
  • Updating older pieces of content (04:00)
  • Is there any way that Google tells us if there’s ‘too much content’ or maybe that content is underperforming? (04:40)
  • Underperforming content and the overall trustworthiness or authority (05:36)
  • Grouping and consolidation of one’s content (06:19)
  • Is word count a ranking factor? (08:07)
  • Specific keywords and word count (8:39)
  • Auto-generated content & canonicalization (9:32)
  • How does Google determine duplicate content? (11:35)

In short, is more content better? The answer is not necessarily, no.

But watch the video, it is a good one.

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