Search Buzz Video Recap: Google & Bing Search Algorithm Changes, People Also Ask Reductions & COVID-19 Adjustments

Firstly, I am doing this video from home and it was super early and I didn’t want to wake the family, so I look like more of a mess than normal. On the search news, we may have had a Google search update this week, it seems there was a lot of chatter and signals pointing to it. Bing said they have been doing more algorithm updates recently than before. Google seems to have reduced the people also ask results from showing up. Google said headings and titles do help a little with pagination but links matter more. Google said letting Google index your internal search results pages is a watering down issue. Google key moments can potentially show for multiple videos in the same search result set. Google 3D and AR images do not give you a ranking boost. Google now shows PDF thumbnails in the mobile search results. Google Ads stops advertising for facial masks. Google My Business wants businesses to update their details around COVID-19 disruptions or changes. Google Webmaster Conference is postponed and the Google Search Relations team is working from home. Ten years ago, Rhea stopped someone from trademarking the term SEO – it was a big deal. Google has a holi easter egg, something fun to check out. I posted two vlogs this week, one with Fili Wiese and the other with Detlef Johnson. Hope you are all well, healthy and staying safe – can’t wait until we get through this time. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to patreon.com/barryschwartz. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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