Poll: Does Position One In Google Matter More Now Than 10 Years Ago

Kevin Indig posted a poll on Twitter, which I retweeted, asking how much does position number one on Google matter today vs 10 years ago? I am a bit surprised to see the responses to this question. In short, it seems SEOs are super split on this.

With studies saying fewer people click on the Google search results today, you would think that position one in Google search today is less valuable than it was ten years ago? But about 39% of those who answered the poll said it is now more important to get position one in Google. 23% said it is the same, no difference, position one today and ten years ago is just as important. 38% said it is less important.

Here is the tweet:

The “show results” option kind of skewed the results, so here is the pie chart without that:

There are so many new ways to get clicks or impressions in Google and not be position one. Featured snippets, knowledge panels, videos, images, Google Assistant, Google Discover, the list goes on and on. I find it interesting, am I wrong?

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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