Introduction to Web Hosting (8)

Short overview of the different components, fundamentals and operations that come together to make web hosting work.

Advanced (5)

Custom Error Pages, FP Extensions, Cron Job, Index Manager

Client Area (11)

Support Tickets, CA Password, Login, Ordering, Pay Invoices, Register Domains, Billing Info, Personal Info, Review Emails, Review Hosting and Services

Domains (5)

Subdomains, Add-ons, Parking, URL Redirects, Updating Your DNS at,,,,,, OpenSRS,,, and other registers.

Email (Mail) (9)

Default Account, Create POP Account, Auto-Responder, Forwarding, Trace an Email Address, Using Webmail in Cpanel

Files (6)

Backing up Web site, Adding FTP Accounts, Using Web Disk, File Manager, Disk Usage Viewer

Web Hosting Glossary (1)

Glossary of Popular words associated with Web Hosting

Website Maintenance (13)

All about web maintenance packages

Where do I go? (1)

Do I need to go to my Client Area or my cPanel??

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We do not run PHP in safe mode.

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