New SEO Tool: Was There A Google Update Search Site

I am proud to say this site has the most comprehensive and largest database of tracking both confirmed and unconfirmed Google search updates of all sites. But sometimes finding these updates by browsing through the archives section can be tedious. So I made a new site named WasThereAGoogleUpdate.com to help you find the answers faster.

All you do is enter in the date that you want to find out if there was an update around and it will search the Google updates category here and output any story in that category within a + or – 3 day period. It is that simple.

Here is a screen shot of the home page (yes, that is RustyBot that John Mueller gave me):

When you enter a date and click search it will output those stories, you can click on a story to learn more:

It is not 100% perfect, there are likely some stories that are in the Google updates category that are not exactly about a specific update. I’ll try to clean up the categorization a bit more over time but it is pretty good.

This dates back to updates as far back as December 2004.

I hope you like the Was There A Google Update Search Site and find it useful when debugging issues for your clients or new clients.

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