New Feature Alert: Sked Insights Analytics

It’s here! Power your marketing with our new Sked Insights analytics and reporting dashboard. From post engagement to follower growth, likes and performance of Stories, gain deeper insights into your Instagram feed.

Connect Your New Sked Insights

Before you start analyzing all of your insights, you’ll need to set up your new analytics. Find the step-by-step here.

Once your insights are connected, you can access them by clicking on the Sked Insights button from the left tool bar.

Sked Insights Features

There are four main categories on your Insights dashboard: Overview, Content, Audience and Stories. Let’s look at them all! 


The Overview tab gives you a summary of important analytics. You can select the data you want to see over the past 7 days, 1 month, or 90 days. Or you can select your own date range from the calendar dropdown. 

To select a specific date range, click the drop down, then click the day you want to start and the day you want to end. You’ll see the reflected date range now on the dropdown. 

The first part of Overview is a Summary. This shows your new followers, engagement rate and reach and the percent increase or decrease from the previous period. Clicking on the “see more” underneath each box will take you to another tab with more insights for each category.

When you scroll down the Overview page, you’ll see your Posts that were posted during the time frame you selected. You can easily sort these by engagement, impressions or time by selecting from the drop down on the right. 

Each post will show you the analytics for reach, engagements, likes, comments, saves and impressions. 

Click on an individual post card to view more details. This will show you the types of engagements, reach and impressions over the first 24 hours. 

Underneath the individual posts you’ll see average engagement, impressions, likes and comments and how they compare to the previous period. 

Next under Overview is an Audience Summary. You’ll see your followers growth, profile visits and website clicks as well as your daily follower change over time. 

Next you’ll see a summary table of Insights. You can group these by day or week by selecting the bubble on the top right. 

And that’s just the Overview page! Let’s dive further into all this data.


The next section of your fancy new insights is Content. This is a further breakdown of your individual posts, engagements over time, engagement types, and impressions. 

Again you can select data based on 7 days, 1 month, 90 days or a custom date range. 

First up in Content is Posts. Similar to the posts on the overview page, here you’ll see all of your Instagram posts within the date range with their analytics. Clicking on the indivual cards brings up the more in depth insights.

Keep scrolling and you’ll see Engagements. When you scroll to this section, you’ll see engagement, engagement rate and a chart of engagement over time and engagement types. Engagement types shows you likes, comments and saves by single days. 

Next you’ll find Impressions. Here’s your average daily impressions, daily reach and impressions over time. 


The next tab gives you in-depth analytics about your audience. Again, select your date range. 

Basics tells you the number of new followers, reach, total number of followers and how many you are following. 

Followers will tell you how many followers you’ve gained from the last period, how many you’ve lost, followers growth along with a chart that shows your followers over time. 

Then you’ll see Reach where you can see how many people your content reached over the time period. It’s also broken up into what percentage were your followers vs. non-followers. 

Next you’ll see a map of your audience Demographics. The darker purple means more followers in that area. If you hover your mouse over the countries, it will tell you what percentage of your followers are located there. 

Under the map you’ll find a breakdown of followers by location and timezone. This will help you determine the best posting times for your followers. You can even break down the locations into cities. 

You’ll see what percentage of your followers are male and female and the breakdown of age demogrpahics. Behaviors shows the number of profile visits and website clicks with a chart over time. 

And then the best part in Audience: Best Time to Post. Sked will tell you when your followers are online and determine the best times for you to post.

Of course, the best time to post can change depending on type of content, relevant events and when you are able to be online and engage with your followers.


The last tab in our new analytics gives you insights into your Instagram Stories.

Again, select your time period and you’ll see average impressions, reach, completion rate and replies.

You’ll also get a breakdown of your total number of Stories over the period, percentage of pictures vs. videos and performance by type of Story.

Under Story Actions your insights will go into detail about how many people reply to your story, tap forwards/backwards or exit right away.

And finally, Detailed Story Insights puts all of your useful data into an organized chart for you.

And there you have it! All the insights you need wrapped into an organized, clear dashboard to help you nail your social media strategy!


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