Moving the fitness coach into the living room: Seven Valley Crossfit keeps clients accountable, motivated and connected

This post is part of our COVID–19 business stories series, where we share how different brands have responded to the pandemic.

Seven Valley Crossfit offers fitness for everyday people, making coaching and personalized nutrition accessible to those who are inspired to make a change but might not know where to start. They also provide kids’ classes to keep them moving, active and healthy.

Under normal conditions, newbies can book a free intro, come down to the gym and discuss their health goals with a coach, one-on-one. They can also consult with a nutritionist and develop a plan that includes monthly in-person check-ins.

We chatted with the team at Seven Valley to find out they’ve adjusted their operations to provide the same level of support to keep their clients on track in their homes.

How has your company been affected by COVID-19? In what ways have you had to change your day-to-day business operations?

“We have closed our doors to the physical location and attempted to transition everyone online- offering our coaching services virtually, instead of in person. So, delivery is via email, phone calls, texts, zoom calls and videos/pictures, instead of an in-person service!”

Seven Valley’s website is a testament to how they’ve moved every aspect of their services to a virtual setting without compromising the connection with their clients. They now offer ‘Virtual Coaching’ and ‘Virtual Kids Classes’, and you can still get started today. Existing clients can continue on their fitness and lifestyle journey by staying in close contact with the coaches they already know and love.

The team quickly determined which forms of technology they could use to keep motivating their clients, and, through consultation, found out which were easiest and most effective for each person. They even had an exclusive app already in place. Their fitness plans have also been adjusted to allow people to carry them out in their home gym setting where they might not have the same equipment.

How are you strategizing your brand messaging at the moment?

“Trying to shift images/videos AWAY from ‘in person’ stuff and make it more about how we can help clients virtually. We’re focused on showcasing our clients staying on track, in their own homes, instead of inside the walls of our gym.”

Even without the in-person aspect of having a coach by their side to encourage them, Seven Valley is able to achieve the same level of support through individualized check-ins with coaches, daily virtual fitness sessions and even online social events where everyone can join in the conversation and keep each other motivated.

Their messaging has shifted to show that people can easily enjoy the benefits of personalized coaching and nutrition plans in a virtual setting. They’ve given it a positive spin, pointing out the benefits of being able to train at home!

Are you changing how you market your business, or selling new products or services to meet changing market needs?

“We’ve updated all of our services and everything we offer. It’s now all virtual-based!”

From the moment social distancing measures went into effect, the company made it clear that their clients’ fitness plans wouldn’t be affected by the pandemic. They remained available and flexible, maintaining the trust established between coaches and clients and building upon it to foster continued success. There was no lapse in communication as they shifted to a virtual fitness coaching model.

Now, they’re even able to market their services to a wider segment, including those who avoided the gym due to time constraints, family obligations, or the dreaded commute.

What trends are you seeing in your industry? Are there other brands you admire for what they’re posting right now?

“It seems like everyone’s trying to be the hero with online training, programming and delivery. But what our clients need most right now is NOT a PDF of “30 at-home workouts. They need help and support and guidance and someone to keep them accountable!”

Instead of falling back on a client-led program that leaves them on their own (and subject to the temptation of missing a workout), Seven Valley’s posts continue to focus on client results. They’re showcasing general wellness through healthy recipes, tips, and ways to keep it all going even when you can’t meet up with your coach at the gym.

Kids are getting plenty of attention as well, with virtual fitness classes tailored to their needs and level of skill. It all helps create a sense of community under the umbrella of activity and proper nutrition.

How far ahead are you planning your customer communications right now?

“We’re planning about a week in advance. We’d like to be able to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest happenings and not only respond in a timely manner but share content that resonates with our followers in the moment”.

Staying in close touch with their clients makes it easy for the Seven Valley team to determine their needs and levels of motivation to respond with appropriate content and communications. They’re also able to help people avoid and alleviate some of the frustrations that can arise from being confined to their homes, taking a holistic approach that addresses both mental and physical factors.

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You can now book your free call to start training from just about anywhere and enjoy Seven Valley Crossfit’s unique approach to fitness for everyday people.


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