LinkedIn Removed From Google’s Index

Do a site command for [site:www.linkedin.com] and nothing will come up in Google. Google seems to have deindexed the main www results from LinkedIn.com. Also, with that, it seems the LinkedIn profile links for people knowledge panels are also gone.

Here is a screen shot of Google showing no pages are indexed on www.linkedin.com:

click for full size

I checked a few dozen knowledge panel profiles and did not see a single one with a LinedIn profile linked for US personalities as well; here is one example – many show Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but nothing from LinkedIn:

David Sedley from FiveBlocks said this happened over night and showed a chart from his software of the drop off happening over night:

Google still has the other regions indexed, i.e. uk.linkedin.com, ca.linkedin.com and so forth. But not the main US www.linkedin.com.

I don’t know if this is a Google indexing issue or an issue with how LinkedIn configured something on its end?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: John Mueller from Google just dropped this PSA on Twitter – do you think it is related to this?


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