LAUNCHED: LinkedIn Personal Profile scheduling in Sked

Late March 2020, we launched scheduling for LinkedIn Company Pages so that Sked customers can schedule and post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We heard your feedback – you wanted to also support personal LinkedIn profiles, particularly when you are building thought leadership for your personal brand alongside running content for businesses and brands across other channels.

The good news is that you can now add your personal profile to LinkedIn!

Adding a LinkedIn profile to Sked Social

Adding a LinkedIn profile is easy with Sked – navigate to the accounts page and click ‘add account’, then choose the personal profile option:

If you haven’t connected Sked Social to LinkedIn, we will link it up. If you have already connected LinkedIn, you may need to click the link in the window shown to reconnect, as we may not have permissions for your personal LinkedIn profile yet.

You can add your Company Page(s) as well if you like while you’re at it!

How to schedule LinkedIn posts with Sked Social

When you add a LinkedIn profile to Sked Social, it’s just like your Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts – you can tick the profile when you are posting content to post to it, whether simultaneously with other channels or alone. Here’s an example:

Sked Social supports the following post types for LinkedIn scheduling to both Company Pages and profiles:

  • Text or link posts (including attaching a ‘rich link’ so that the large link preview is displayed)
  • Single image posts
  • Multiple image carousel posts

We’re working on video scheduling support and hope to have this launched soon.

Pricing for LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn profiles are treated the same as Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts for pricing – so if your plan includes up to 6 ‘non-Instagram’ accounts, your LinkedIn profile will count for one of these included accounts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team!


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