Is Google Not Showing Fresh Content In Search Results Again?

Something is off with Google search this morning. It seems Google is not showing some fresh content in the search results. Site commands for this site and Wall Street Journal, as well as many other sites show little to zero new content in Google’s search results in the past hour. Some content I search for on this site is showing up and some is not.

Here are some site commands restricted to show the past hour of results:

click for full size

I know I’ve published numerous stories here in the past hour but Google says no:

click for full size

Some other sites seem to show content but the content seems off, like here is NY Times:

click for full size

Even when you restrict it to Google News, Google is showing some but not all the stories in the past hour:

click for full size

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Hat tip to @nishu_kadian on Twitter for the heads up.

I am not sure what is up but something seems off this morning with Google indexing or displaying fresh results in search.

Google had indexing or display issues in May 2020, April 2020, we saw it a several times last year with several cases of this last year but maybe one this year that was not serious.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Google has confirmed the issue several hours later:


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