Instagram Story Insights with Sked Social

500 million people watch Instagram Stories each day, so if you’re not taking advantage of that as a brand then you’re missing out. Using analytics to break down the performance of your Stories is key for determining a strategy.

When should you post? What type of content performs better? Where are people exiting your Story?

All questions that can be answered with Sked Insights for Stories! Let’s break it down.

Insights from Instagram

The insights provided by Instagram about your Stories are limited, tedious to read and don’t provide value to adjust your Story strategy.

There are two places you can find Story insights through the Instagram app: by clicking on the individual story (during the first 24 hours) or by going to the Insights tab (if you have a professional account).

When you click through your Story, you’ll see the “seen by #” at the bottom left of the screen. Click that to see who has watched your Story. Click the bar graph to the left of that to see Interactions and Discovery. Under Discovery you’ll see:

  • The number of accounts reached with the Story
  • Impressions: the total number of times your content could have been seen
  • Follows: how many people followed you after watching that Story
  • Navigation: how many people clicked forward to your next Story and how many people exited after watching that individual Story

If you’re wanting to look at historical Story data, you can go to your profile, click the three lines in the top right, click on Insights and click See All under the Stories section of the Content tab. Instagram will only show you insights for posts within the past 14 days.

Story insights from Instagram
Story Insights from Instagram

In the top left corner, you can “Select Interaction” to see certain statistics for each individual post. You can only select one filter at a time though. So, unless you’re planning on going through the 16 different interaction options and putting all of your numbers into a spreadsheet one by one, it’s really challenging to see what’s working and what’s not.

This is where Sked Insights come in.

Sked Insights for Instagram Stories

To get started with your Instagram Stories insights, log into your Sked account. Click on the Sked Insights button on the left-hand side.

From there, click Stories from the top menu. Let’s walk through all of the in-depth analytics that you’ll find on this page and how they can help build your Instagram Story strategy.

Plus you’ll easily be able to share and export your data!

Custom Data Range

At the very top of the Stories Insights page, you’ll be able to select what dates you want to look at data. Choose from 7 days, 1 month, 90 days or select a custom date range from the calendar. This will help you determine what’s working right now and what’s happening in the long run.

When selecting a custom date range, just click on two different days and Sked will present the data starting with the earlier date and ending with the later date.

Stories Overview

The first set of analytics you will see are the averages over the date range that you selected including:

  • Average Impressions: on average, how many times your content could have been seen
  • Average Reach: the average number of people who see your content
  • Average Completion Rate: the average % of people who watch your Stories all the way through
  • Average Number of Replies: the average number of people who respond to your Stories (reactions, DMs)

Underneath each average you will see the percent increase or decrease from the last period and what the average was for the last period.

Keep scrolling and you’ll be presented with data for the total number of Stories that were posted over the date range. Sked Insights will also break it down to show you the percentage of your Stories that were photos vs. videos.

To the right of that, you’ll see a chart showing Performance by Type. This looks at your photo Stories vs. your video Stories and shows you the impressions and reach for each.

Knowing which type of content is performing better for you will help determine what you should be putting your resources into. In this example, photos are getting more impressions and reach than videos, but most of the content in this date range was video. Now we can adjust to post content that is getting more eyes.

Reminder that if you include a gif or animated sticker in your post, it will be considered a video as well.


Under the Stories section, data will be presented in an organized graph showing actions taken on your Story. It’s categorized by color:

  • Dark Blue: Story replies
  • Light Blue: Taps backwards
  • Yellow: Taps forward
  • Pink: Exits

Under that will be a table with the totals for the above categories and the percent change from the previous period.

Detailed Story Insights

The Detailed Story Insights table is exactly what it sounds like: a very detailed break down of all of your Instagram Story posts, wrapped up into an organized chart to easily digest your analytics.

The chart details the day the Story was posted, impressions, reach, completion rate, views per user, replies, backward taps, forward taps and exits.

The best performing posts will be highlighted with purple and blue boxes around the data. The darker the color, the higher the number for that statistic.

Exporting your data

One of the best parts about Sked Insights is the ability to share and export your data. First, select the date range that you want to share.

On the top right of your Sked Insights Stories tab, you’ll have the option to share or export to PDF.

When you click Share, a pop-up will appear giving you a unique link. You can select how long you want to share the report for (7, 30 or 90 days). The recipient doesn’t need a Sked login to access the data and the report will be “view only” for them. Easily share with clients and other team members.

You can also export the report to a PDF by clicking the blue Export to PDF button in the top right corner. Here you will be able to print the report or save the file to your computer.


With all of this data wrapped up nicely for you, you can start to answer all of the questions you might have about your Stories and start to formulate a tailored Instagram Story strategy. Happy scheduling!


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