How to Structure Your Content for Organic Google Rankings: A Proven Process

Creating content that ranks involves both art and science.

The creativity, writing voice, and style you use make up the art side. Finessing language and clearly conveying information engages readers, which helps your SEO.

Meanwhile, the science side involves implementing a repeatable formula, which is the key to creating useful content that’s topically relevant to your focus keyword.

Combine the two, the art and science of content, and you’ll delight readers as well as search engines—a powerful combination that equals ranking on Page One of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Marketers covet a Page One ranking on Google for a reason: 54% of the clicks for an average SERP go to positions 1, 2, and 3. Since 71% of all website traffic traces back to Google searches, those spots are chock-full of possibility for traffic, leads, and conversions.

We have seen that opportunity play out with our own content marketing at my company, perfecting a recipe for ranking through eight years of blogging. Once we started focusing on strategic, structured content and consistency—we have never missed our goal of one blog post per week—our ROI has gone through the roof:

  • Ranking for nearly 24,000 keywords
  • 90,000 in organic traffic per month
  • $4.5 million in sales from over 5,000 clients

More recently, we implemented the same strategy for ranking on a brand-new site called Content Hacker. Here’s how that’s working.


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