How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Stories: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learning how to schedule Instagram posts is the easiest way to save time and regain your sanity.

There is an art to everything, particularly in social media marketing, and scheduling for your Instagram business account is no exception.

Thanks to Sked Social’s robust scheduling tools and tagging capabilities, not only can you save over 100 hours per year when you schedule Instagram posts, but you can also customize nearly every aspect of your posts ahead of time.

Not only can you schedule Instagram posts of all kinds of high engagement content, including carousels, videos, and Stories, you can also tag locations, users and products—options that are often not available from other Instagram scheduling applications.

Sked’s unique features help you improve Instagram engagement, and aren’t available with other third-party apps & scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Tailwind or Sprout Social.

Paired with the ability to achieve consistency via scheduling, you’ll be garnering the maximum reach and engagement in no time.

Why Schedule Posts To Your Instagram Account?

Scheduling Saves Tons Of Time With Auto-Posting

Instagram posting can easily become incredibly time-consuming. That’s why using full-featured scheduling posts and tagging tool can easily help you take back control of your content schedule.

Break free from your phone and develop a consistent posting strategy. You’ll not only rack up the ‘likes’ but feeds your users’ undying need for content too.

But with Instagram placing emphasis on quality and quantity, it can be hard to hit that optimal posting checklist.

That’s why scheduling, utilizing Sked’s Hashtag Manager, tagging your posts and now using your newfound time to craft quality Instagram content (or repost content from influencers), will set you on the path to Instagram success!

Particularly important in 2019 is advanced post types like Stories and carousels (sometimes called album posts or ‘swipe posts’).

Instagram schedulers that send you push notifications and make you post these manually hardly save time and money – you may as well use an alarm to remind yourself.

Luckily Sked Social auto-posts Stories and carousels along with all other Instagram content at your scheduled time.

Connect your other social accounts and make it easy to schedule social media posts across Facebook and Twitter as well!

Optimize Posts With Advanced Tools

With over 95 million photos shared on Instagram daily, standing out from the crowd can be a tall order.

That’s why it’s vital to use reach tactics to increase the number of post impressions.

It’s important to look through your scheduled posts and regularly review your Instagram analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t.

If you’re unsure about how small yet crucial steps such as tagging and hashtagging can affect your reach, then take a look at these shocking facts:

The numbers speak for themselves! Nailing a post isn’t just about having the right Instagram caption.

But if your Instagram management tool doesn’t allow you to plan for all of these engagement sweet spots, it’s officially time for a breakup.

Instagram scheduling tools like Sked Social include AI-driven hashtag recommendations to help you pick the right hashtags for your post, and support all of Instagram’s advanced features. Check it out:

Keep Your Feed Consistent

Because we know you’re in it to win it, before guiding you through the scheduling process, it’s best to have your brand aesthetic perfected!

With a scheduling tool it has never been easier to craft and maintain the perfect feed.

Whether it’s your color scheme, brand tone, style guide or overall mood, establishing an attention-grabbing brand personality is essential to attracting new followers.

If you don’t know where to start, you should start with Instagram aesthetics 101. But if you’re already a master at crafting the ultimate Instagram feed, then let’s jump right in!

You can move posts around for a better grid that begs potential followers to tap that “follow” button.

Check out Sked’s visual Instagram feed planner:

Easily Queue Content to Schedule Posts with Pace

If you’re a seasoned social media manager, you’ll know that Instagram management is a 24/7 responsibility! Why not regain your freedom (and your Sunday morning)?

Start scheduling your posts when your users are most likely to engage with your content—and not when you can spare a moment to publish.

What’s more, when you’ve determined your optimal posting times, you can simplify your scheduling workflow further by taking advantage of Sked’s queue feature.

Choose the best times to post, bulk upload your content, create your captions, add your hashtags and person/product tags, and then set your posting mechanism to “Queue.”

Invite Unlimited Free Team Members To Your Account

If you’re looking to save even more time scheduling Instagram posts, why not enlist the help of your entire team manage your social profiles & content calendar?

With Sked, teams can add unlimited users to their accounts, making it easier than ever to collaborate. The best part is – you don’t pay per user, so there’s no costs to worry about.

You can upload Instagram posts from your desktop, or use our mobile app to get work done on-the-go:

If you need to share a preview of your feed for an upcoming meeting, take advantage of Sked’s PDF export to impress your boss, or use Sked’s collaboration tools to easily get post approvals from clients.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts

It’s easy to schedule posts with Sked Social. It’s what we’re all about!

Here are the highlights, and if you need any support, our team will happily do a one-on-one demo or training session to make sure you’re making best use of Sked.

2. Create and Edit Your Content, Including Regrams

Getting your content right is most of the battle for Instagram. Uploading to Instagram from your PC or Mac is easy with our dashboard.

Use Sked’s bulk upload function to bulk upload content you already have, including picking straight out of Google Drive, Dropbox or creating from Canva.

If you’re all about curating content, you can use our unique Chrome extension to easily Regram content (after asking for permission from the user!), or upload via the Instagram URL.

With Sked, you can pick any kind of post type, including:

  • Instagram single image or video posts
  • Instagram carousel posts (albums or ‘swipe posts’) with multiple images and/or videos
  • Instagram stories (images and videos)
  • Text or link posts (for Twitter and Facebook only)

When you’re uploading or editing content, you can add your product tags, tag people in the post, add locations or more! Keep in you need an Instagram business profile to use product tagging.

Use our advanced image editor to easily touch up a photo and add filters or other effects, just like you would in the Instagram app.

Schedule the post right away for a particular date and time, use the queue feature to ensure you’re posting consistently, or save a post to drafts to give yourself time to think.

4. Use Queue and Drafts To Your Advantage

When you have your content all sorted, Sked offers you three options. You can either send the post to your Drafts for safekeeping; schedule it for now or later; or thirdly, add the post to your predetermined queued posting times. If you know your optimal times to post, make sure you set up the queue in advance!

You can use a combination of the Queue and drafts to easily manage content across multiple accounts, and work with collaborators to get everything just right.

7. Use the Planner to Nail Your Instagram Profile Feed Visuals

To ensure your feed looks as best as possible, why not go the extra mile by ensuring your feed looks great all as one. Whether you’re looking to quickly move the order of your posts, group certain images together or re-order the layout of your feed, this is the easiest way to make edits to your posting schedule.

The easiest way to do this is with Sked’s Visual Planner. Here you’ll find a preview of your feed.

For optimal freedom when editing your layout, it is highly recommended that you utilize Sked’s queue feature to schedule your posts. It’s easy on the planner page to drag posts in and out of drafts.

Sked makes it easy to preview and edit your content and allows you to move Queued (Q) or Scheduled (S) to your liking. Pro tip: Always remember to submit your changes before moving on to another task!

Get Started Scheduling Instagram Posts Today

Congratulations! You’ve officially mastered how to schedule Instagram posts on Sked. Scheduling is just the first step of using Sked to its best – we have barely touched analytics!

After satisfying 10,000 of the world’s most innovative companies with the best Instagram marketing planner on the market, Sked is now helping you with all of your social media scheduling.

For both large and small businesses you will find Sked a great personal assistant in executing your marketing strategy. Don’t just take our word for it: see what others say about us.

Sked is your all-in-one social media management tool that simplifies your workflow and optimizes your content to achieve your goals.

We’re passing the baton onto to you now! If you haven’t already, open your free Sked account to see how quick and simple it is to schedule your Instagram posts. All accounts come with a 7-day trial, giving you plenty of time to try out its robust features. Or book a one-to-one demo today to learn more about Sked!

Happy Skeduling!


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