How Bad Data Hurts B2B Companies [Infographic]

In business-to-business marketing and sales, it takes a lot of effort to qualify leads and reach decision-makers. Accurate data is crucial to that process.

High-quality B2B data allows marketers and sales professionals to improve targeting, reach the right person, take a personalized approach, and successfully drive revenue.

However, on-the-ground reality regarding data quality is not encouraging: For example, fully 88% of B2B marketers say data quality is important to executing an ABM strategy, but 27% of business leaders say they aren’t sure how much of their data is accurate.

And sales reps to spend almost one-third of their daily working hours rectifying bad data or chasing the wrong lead.

So, what are the types of bad data? What are their root causes? How do they make their way into your database? And, most important, how can you keep your data clean?


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