How Active Truth uses Sked Social to build community and create deep connections 

Active Truth is a woman-focused activewear company based in Australia. The brand was born out of the consciousness that all types of women are active and that representation is especially important in this space. The Active Truth team is passionate about representing women in all their beautiful, diverse shapes and styles. 

We connected with their co-founder, Stevie, who explained, “We started Active Truth because we believed women deserved better from the activewear market, especially women who wore plus-size activewear and women who were pregnant. These women wanted to see more than just young skinny models or pro athletes advertising activewear in their social media feeds. Only seeing one type of woman on social media is both demoralising and unattainable for most women, and leaves us feeling bad about ourselves.”

Having the conversation comes first

Active Truth maintains a social presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tiktok but they are primarily focused on growing their communities on Instagram and Facebook. They are also interested in growing a community in their private Facebook group, because certain questions are asked and discussions arise that are more easily had in the (relative) privacy of a group. 

For many successful retail brands, the focus must be sales-forward. Active Truth has flipped this idea on its head and instead focuses on building community through inspirational and useful content. The result is brand loyalty, a sense of trust, and yes, increased sales.

Less time planning means more time engaging

Active Truth’s community focus means lots of time spent on planning and creating content and engaging with followers, customers and group members. Before joining Sked as a customer about a year ago, AT’s team tried several software platforms to find the right fit. Each seemed to lack a piece of the puzzle that makes the entire process work for the AT team. The first had the ‘automatic posting’ feature they needed, but no planner. The second had a planner but no ‘automatic posting’. It required a push notification to post. This meant that Stevie had to stop whatever she was doing to post manually at least twice a day at the right time. When you’re a busy businesswoman helping to manage a brand, this type of interruption gets old fast, and can damage the creative flow. 

A life saver!

Sked’s planner is a life-saver for Stevie, who can create and save content drafts and then arrange it until it suits her. She can schedule it and feel secure that it’ll go out when it’s supposed to. 

In her own words, Stevie says “Using Sked has streamlined our social media planning and scheduling process so we can see clearly in advance our upcoming themes so they are cohesively rolled out across multiple touch points.” Using the embedded content calendar in Sked is essential for planning. The ability to post on multiple platforms has been a welcome addition to the Active Truth account on Sked. Users can now post their content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and customise it for each platform.  It’s all in one place, editable and available in their Sked content Library. We tried to get an idea of how much time the Active Truth team spends using Sked, and the response was, “There is always a Sked tab open in my browser!”

Finding flexibility in an organized system

Stevie is both a content creator and the final approver, which gives her plenty of flexibility and the ultimate say in how and when her content gets posted. As a point of organization, content is generally themed and created every two weeks. Things can change quickly during a season; a theme must be adjusted or a day takes on a new focus, and this can require immediate scheduling and posting. Sometimes posts need to be changed or even taken down right away. Sked offers Stevie the flexibility to handle all of these changes efficiently. 

Although Active Truth’s social strategy is built around ‘running their own race’, they find value in focusing on a single guiding metric – engagement. By keeping engagement high, they see that other metrics simply follow. It’s a matter of valuing the conversation with their audience, and this  leads to wins in other areas. Sked customers can get a snapshot of their top metrics, including engagement using Insights. Sked will even track competitors’ metrics and let you know what those benchmarks look like. 

Spreading the word starts with trust – and builds into a community

When asked to share her secret to social success, Stevie had this to say: “Building an engaged community means your followers will have the trust to buy from you initially when you’re a small, unknown or new-to-them brand, they’ll recommend you to their friends, and they’ll talk about how much they love your product on your posts (and paid ads!). Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Talk to your community about the things that they’re interested in and the challenges they are facing. Show the faces behind the business to foster connection and trust.”

To learn more about Active Truth – look them up on their social channels: Active Truth – Facebook, Active Truth – Instagram, or take a look at their blog.


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