Hone your craft: learn how one successful jeweller turns her feed into a curated work of art

Melbourne sculptor and jeweller, Camilla Gough handcrafts bespoke pieces of fine jewellery for individual customers and exhibition.

Camilla’s formal training is in sculpture and every commissioned piece can be viewed as a small piece of art.

Here’s how Camilla uses Sked Social to display her art on social media, design a cohesive feed, collaborate with her social media manager and get insights to adapt her strategy.

It’s all about the visuals

As an artist exhibiting her work, visuals are the selling point so Camilla’s main social media platform is Instagram. It’s where she can attract new customers, link customers to her website and keep past and current customers engaged and in contact with her jewellery practice.

“We use the messaging service [on Instagram] and comments regularly as an immediate and informal way to connect, chat and answer questions, creating conversations that can potentially lead to a new commission.”

She also uses Instagram to sell jewellery and educate potential customers about her handcrafted and thoughtful jewellery practice. To draw customers in, Camilla has to ensure that her feed itself is a work of art.

“I have a brilliant social media manager, Lilian Richter, who is responsible for the success of our beautiful feed. She researches and meticulously plans out our social media feed for each day 1 month in advance.”

As her practice is so visual, how her feed looks as a whole is extremely important. 

“The feed planner tool is a great way to view the feed in advance.”

The social media management process

“We regularly discuss different ideas and new ways to keep our feed fresh and interesting as well as maximizing IG algorithms. Lilian schedules all the created posts and Stories on Sked Social. A genuine, honest and unique voice is important to us, we are a small and creative jewellery practice, which relies on bespoke commissions.”

Lilian spends a couple of hours scheduling posts each month on Sked. About 75% of their Instagram posts are scheduled and the rest are uploaded organically.

Camilla and Lillian spend several hours during the month checking in on their scheduled posts and adjusting times or moving posts around to suit the layout of the feed or the timing of other posts. 

“We use the Calendar to cross reference our scheduled and organic posting times and the planner to make sure the feed looks as good as it should. We love being able to easily move posts around in the planner to make sure we’re happy with the layout.”

Example of Calendar view on Sked

With Calendar and Planner, they can easily drag and drop content, schedule straight from those pages and make any adjustments to ensure their Instagram feed remains cohesive.

Working together to get it done

Prior to using Sked Social, Camilla and Lillian spent tons of time posting manually.

“I’m not sure how we managed without Sked Social! We discussed our feed regularly and uploaded posts manually each day. Sked Social has allowed us to plan and schedule in advance and act as an access point between myself and my social media manager.”

Collaboration with Lillian is made easy with Sked’s built in tools. She can create custom workflow approval processes, leave comments and make edits all without leaving the platform.

“I provide the written content for each suggested post, Lilian adds hashtags and we share access to images, which are taken professionally and also by iphone (unprofessionally!) in our workshop.”

The process of sharing content that is used for their social is streamlined with Sked’s Library feature. They can both add digital assets to their collections and source user-generated content from hashtags and posts they are tagged in.

With Zapier integration, they can also set up automations to transfer any files from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. straight into their Library.

Analytics to help create strategy 

Social media is an important part of every business and developing a strategy can be challenging and ever-changing. With Sked Insights, Camilla can see what’s working for them and what’s not.

“Our ultimate goal is to direct more traffic to our website or our studio, which will hopefully result in more beautiful pieces of Camilla Gough jewellery out and about in the world! So, the main focus for us at the moment is tracking our followers and trying to grow a bigger and stronger following for the Camilla Gough brand.”

Sked Insights provide in-depth analytics about website clicks, profile visits, best time to post and so much more.

Example of behavior analytics on Sked Insights

“We try to encourage our followers to click through to the website to have a look around as much as we can.”

Engaging with the online community plays a key part in reaching potential customers so engagement is also vitally important to track (and easily accessible on Sked Insights).

“We’re really interested in tracking our engagement (both posts and Stories) and reach and encouraging our Camilla Gough community – comments on each post allow us to engage with our audience and see what they’re interested in seeing from us.”

Example engagement analytics on Sked Insights

Insights also gives Camilla the opportunity to track competitors or follow other brands that she thinks have great content strategies.

“At this stage, we don’t consistently track our competitor’s metrics, however we do occasionally check in every now and then to check how we compare or to see what they’ve been doing.”

Using social media as a tool

Camilla uses her social media as an extension of her brand. It’s a way to share her art and attract potential customers. Streamlining her social media process and ensuring her feed is perfect helps accomplish those goals.

“Find your original and genuine voice. Understand how social media algorithms work and be active and present. It takes up a lot of time and it needs to be considered an advertising tool, and an important arm of your business. It can be an effective way to reach new customers and engaging directly and personally with a buyer. Embrace and enjoy the community that will build around your brand.”

You can connect with Camilla and check out her work on her Instagram @camillagough.


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