Hide Search Performance For This Query In Google

Yesterday I reported about new preferences with Google Search Console but focused on the email preferences. You can also communicate to Google that you want to hide the search performance for this query report snapshot you sometimes see in the Google search results in these new preferences.

First, this is what it looks like to see the search performance for this query report in the Google search results. It shows up for relevant queries, when you are logged in to an account that has Google Search Console access. You will see this box towards the top of the search results page:

I personally find most of these annoying, so if you want to turn them off for all or some sites, you can. Here is how to hide the search performance for this query report:

(1) Click on the gear icon in Google Search Console:

(2) Click on “Search Console in Search results”

(3) Then you can uncheck “Enable for properties as listed below” if you want to hide the box for all sites or select individual sites you want it to show or hide below.

I like this new feature.

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