Google: We’re Not Going To Index All Your Pages

John Mueller of Google had to tell one SEO that it is not going to happen, Google is not going to index all of the pages on his web site. The site has over 800,000 pages and Google has only indexed 3,000 of those pages. John told this webmaster on Twitter “They’ll possibly never be indexed.”

Why will these pages never be indexed? Well, John said “It’s easy to create millions of pages without useful, unique, compelling, or high-quality content. That’s not what we’d want our systems to spend a lot of time on.” I don’t think, although I can be wrong, that John even looked at the site but I guess with 800,000+ pages, it is a good guess.

Here are those tweets:

This SEO then responded “Each page has unique content because they aggregate informations of thousand of site. The goal of the site is to give complete informations to the user (and I don’t sell anything).” This is not how SEO works in 2020 or since Panda was released.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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