Google To Drop Crawl Anomaly Data For Something More Useful

Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout at the 10:02 mark that Google Search Console will be dropping the crawl anomaly data from the reports. Google said it will be doing something better with it, “reclassifying it as something more useful,” John Mueller said.

He did not really say much more outside of that. There is no timing, he won’t say approximately when it will change and what will launch.

He said:

That said with one of the future updates of Search Console, we’re working on getting rid of the crawl anomaly altogether. Not in terms of kind of just hiding all of this data but instead taking it and reclassifying it as something more useful. So instead of collecting a bunch of things and putting them into crawl anomaly we’ll kind of split that out a little bit. I don’t know about the timing on this. It’s not it’s not happening today. It’s not just around the corner but I know the team has been working on this for a while.

Here is the video embed so you can watch him say this:

[embedded content]

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