Google & Sitemaps.org Mirror Copies – A Duplicate Content Issue?

It looks like Google.com and Sitemaps.org host the same exact copies of the Sitemaps.org information. Is this a classic no-no when it comes to duplicate content? Jamie Alberico posted about this on Twitter and yea, it seems to be the case.

In fact, if you search for [sitemaps.org faq] you get both sites; (a) sitemaps.org/faq.html and (b) google.com/sitemaps/faq.html:

click for full size

Google does own the domain, sitemaps.org but it also seems Google is the only one maintaining the content?

I guess Google needs to lend Sitemaps.org an SEO to add some canonical tags?

I suspect this is super old but I never noticed it.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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