Google Search Console Performance Report Data Hints At Featured Snippet Filters

Fairly recently Google told us we should not expect to see a filter to see featured snippet related data in our performance reports in Search Console. But then we saw the that Google started showing #:~:text= url parameters in the reports for image results and now Glenn Gabe is seeing them for web results.

Glenn Gabe shared on Twitter a screen shot of this showing up for web results. He said “I shared previously that GSC started showing ScrollToText urls for *Google Images* starting on 8/4. Well, now I’m seeing those for *web search* starting on 8/19. If this sticks, it will make it easier to identify featured snippets in GSC. I hope it’s not a bug.”

click for full size

Now, keep in mind, this only works for featured snippets that have the highlight text and scroll down feature. But if this can be found in all these featured snippets and you can see this pass through in the Search Console reports going forward, you can probably filter this yourself.

But maybe, just maybe, Google will add a native filter to the reports? They did have something like this in 2016 but it was removed. Google did at one point say it might happen but then we heard again that it probably won’t happen.

So here is to hoping that we will get a filter in the Search Console performance report for featured snippets.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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