Google Search Console Misclassified Discover As Video Performance Data

Google has documented that on October 28, 2020 it has, in some cases, misclassified some Google Discover data as video in the Performance report after it has been fixed. This may result in “a drop in your Discover report’s video appearance statistics,” Google said.

Google wrote:

October 28 (Discover):

A previous issue in which some Discover data were mis-classified as video in the Performance report has been fixed. Because of this, you may see a drop in your Discover report’s video appearance statistics. This mis-classification did not affect Discover results for users, only the data reporting.

So this seems to only impact those who get Google Discover data.

Another important note is that this does not impact your Google Discover traffic in any way, it was just a reporting issue and had zero impact on you showing up in Google Discover.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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