Google Search Console Adds Reports & Tools For SpecialAnnouncement

Google announced this morning that it added support for the new SpecialAnnouncement structured data to Google Search Console. This means that the enhancement report, the Performance report and the rich results test now all support SpecialAnnouncement structured data.

Google began supporting the SpecialAnnouncements schema early last month and has already added these features to Search Console a month later. Again, this is only for government, medical, and health sites.

Special Announcements appearance in Performance report:

You can now filter your performance report in Search Appearance to see your performance of this SpecialAnnouncements schema. Here is a screen shot of that report:

click for full size

Special Announcements Enhancement report:

If you have SpecialAnnouncements schema on your site and Google can detect it and process it, Google may show you a new link in Search Console under Enhancements to debug this structured data. Here is a screen shot of the report:

click for full size

Special Announcements in Rich Results Test:

And the rich results testing tool now supports the SpecialAnnouncements structured data for better and more real time debugging. Here is a screen shot:

click for full size

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