Google Search Augmented Reality For Car Manufacturers

Google has had 3D images, augmented and VR based images in search for over a year now. But now Google has added support for it for car manufacturers and it is live. Do a search on mobile for [volvo xc40 recharge] and you will see the “view in 3D” button and you can put that Volvo right in your living room.

Here is a GIF of it in action with more details from Glenn Gabe:

It is pretty cool, just like showing animals in your home or a Burberry bag on your desk (my wife saw the photo show up in Google Photos (it was a screen shot I took for that blog post and she called to ask me if I bought her Burberry bag – no joke).

Just toggle that to AR and it shows up in your camera view.

You can add support for your images and learn more over here.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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