Google Says Not Correct: It Does Not Monitor Sites Listed In Disavow Files

There have always been rumors that if you are listed in someones disavow file that it can end up hurting your site. But Google has said time and time again that is not true. Being in a disavow file won’t end up hurting you Google said. And it won’t lead to Google monitoring your web site more closely, John Mueller said on Twitter.

John was asked “few people online mentioned with zero evidence but citing a hunch that Google will monitor sites that use a disavow file more closely as its an admission of guilt I guess.” John responded “That’s not correct & we’ve said so in the past. You can use a disavow file for different reasons, and regardless, cleaning things up should never be considered a bad thing.”

Here are those tweets:

I am sure many of you do not believe this but hey, Google has been consistent about this messaging since it launched in 2012.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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