Google Says More Granular Levels Of Speed May Become A Ranking Factor

Google Speed Update

Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout earlier this week that maybe in the future Google will look at speed metrics in a more granular way when it comes to ranking. Right now, only super slow sites are really impacted by the Google speed update but this might change at some point.

He said this at the 43:45 mark into the video when Darcy Burk asked him about this. John said “I could imagine that over time especially with mobile sites we we might find find a more granular approach. “

Here is the video embed:

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Question: I think you guys have always said when it comes to the speed of a site you’re really only negative, like directly from a ranking standpoint ,directly impacting like the slowest of slow sites. Is that just an SEO thing that we say or is that actually true and then I have a follow-up?

Answer: I think for the most part that’s that’s still the case.

So that was that was essentially the I don’t know when we initially launched all of the the speed as a ranking factor things number of years ago. That was definitely the case, where we tried to differentiate between normal speed sites and really slow sites.

I could imagine that over time especially with mobile sites we we might find find a more granular approach.

But it’s it’s really still the case that if you’re like tweaking milliseconds and that’s probably not the best use of your time if you’re only worried about SEO.

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I should note, John also said this back in June 2018.

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