Google Pruning The Rich Results & FAQ/How To Schema Results?

There has been chatter recently, with some data backing it up from the data tool provider RankRanger, that Google has stopped showing a nice percentage of rich results and how-to / FAQ schema rich results in the search results.

Here is the RankRanger chart from its SERP features:

click for full size

  • Rich results from June 20th was at about 25% of the search results and now it is down to 14.6% of results
  • How to and FAQ results from June 20th was at about 19% of the search results and now it is down to 13% of the results

The chatter is also there, here are some tweets:

Maybe Google is cracking down on this? We have seen Google do this before with starmageddon and with rich results in 2015 and in 2013. Google said they do not like to clutter the results with too many rich results – so maybe Google is doing another pruning here?

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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