Google Promoted Governmental Web Sites In Its Latest Algorithm Update? The Federal Update.

Google Federal Update

On June 23rd we reported about a big Google algorithm update. It seemed pretty big based on the chatter and the tracking tools. But it was not as big as a core update. After about a week, we are now seeing reports from folks in the SEO community that this update may have had a stronger influence on governmental web sites.

Should we name it the Google Federal Update or something like that? Probably not, it was not the only category impacted. But a lot of SEOs and tools are showing governmental web sites impacted by this update.

Here are tweets from Lily Ray, Glenn Gabe, MJ Cachón, Juan Gonzalez, Mordy Obserstein and others showing the impact this update had on some sites in the governmental sector:

If you look at the SEMRush sensor and filter by the sector of government, watch how the spike increases a bit more compared to all categories:

Again, governmental web sites were not the only sites impacted by the June 23rd unconfirmed update. But maybe Google pushed something to give a bit more of a boost for governmental web sites during the pandemic?

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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