Google: No A Way To Limit Visibility Of A URL By Country In Search

Google’s John Mueller said that within Google Search there is no way to limit the visibility of a URL in the search results by country. So if you do not want a specific URL to show in Google UK but you do want it to show in Google Ireland, there is really no good way to do that.

The question was from Pedro Teixeira who wrote an example, “a page with English content that is only available and appropriate for searches/users in the Netherlands (google.nl) still shows up for UK searches (google.co.uk). Is there a way to inform Google that these specific English URLs are exclusive to a country and no alternate URLs exist?”

John Mueller responded on Twitter “there is no mechanism to limit the visibility of a URL in the search results by country.” He said “the best you could do is to try to catch it on your end. Eg, I’ve seen sites show a banner (unfortunately not available in X), some also refer to partners in other countries.”

Here are those tweets:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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