Google My Business Offers Tips For Clinics & Medical Offices

Google My Business created a new help document giving guidance to how healthcare providers like clinics and medical offices should keep its patients informed during COVID-19.

Google offers the option to add details about services like telemedicine and personalize your Business Profiles on Google Search and Maps. Here are some of the tips provided:

  • Manage information like business hours and phone numbers.
  • Add health services offered, like telemedicine, house calls, diagnostics, and procedures.
  • Engage with patients.
  • Post high-quality photos to show patients what they’ll see before they arrive. Add educational pictures and diagrams to help them learn more about what types of health services you provide.
  • Control who has access to your business profiles with location groups.

Google then break downs how to do the following in this document:

  • Add services offered, like telemedicine.
  • Update and engage with patients.
  • Manage your practice’s information.
  • Manage your practice’s attributes.
  • Set location info if you’re within a complex.

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