Google: Multiple Fact Checks Rich Results May Not Show In Search

Google has updated its developer documentation to clarify that if you use multiple fact checks on a page it may not show up in the search results as rich results.

Google wrote “at this time, Google Search is still exploring ways to surface multiple fact checks. You may not see a rich result that features multiple fact checks in Google Search right away.”

Google added that if you decide to specify multiple ClaimReview items on a single page, make sure they are all relevant to the main topic of the page. Use one of the following methods:

  • Create a summary page with multiple summarized fact checks, each with its own ClaimReview element. Post the full-text version of each fact check on its own page. Each ClaimReview element on the summary page points to the full-page version rather than to the summary page.
  • Create a single page with multiple full-length reviews, each with an HTML anchor. Each ClaimReview element points to that summary_page.html#anchor.

This update was posted to the document on July 23, 2020 and it helps clarify that Google Search is still working on way to display multiple fact checks for a single page, and that you may not see a rich result that features multiple fact checks in Google Search right away.

Here is a screen shot of the portion of the document that was updated:

click for full size

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