Google Local Product Carousel Display Bugs

It seems Google has another bug, this one is with how Google displays some products on the Google local panel. Claire Carlile posted some examples of the product carousel showing a product carousel that looks like it is missing information. Others are noticing this as well.

Claire wrote on Twitter “I’m seeing a bug (?) with the way that Google Products are showing in the business profile on a desktop – I’m seeing the image but none of the copy.” Claire is not alone, others see it as well.

Here is her screen shot:

Amy Toman also shared some on Twitter:

Joy Hawkins said it does seem to be an issue and she has escalated to the Google engineers. She said on Twitter, “I just asked Google about this (I’m seeing it too) and will share when I hear back from them.”

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: And now they are fixed:


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