Google Local & Maps Displays Health & Safety On Search Results

We now have some folks seeing the health and safety attributes that businesses have been able to add to their Google My Business listings back over a months ago, on the front end of Google’s search results Google Maps results.

Lluc Berrio Penycate posted some screen shots of this on Twitter – I did try replicating this but I do not see it myself. Lluc is in Spain, not sure if that is why he sees it?

You can see, it shows under the “About” tab, under a section called “Health and safety.” In there there are sections for:

  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Personal protection
  • Physical distancing
  • Minimised contact
  • Increased food safety

Craig Harkins noticed this on desktop a week ago or so and I missed it:

It is very cool to see this show up on the frontend of Google search after all this time collecting the data.

It does look like this is a different form than the simple Google My Business attributes:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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