Google: Links From Lower Quality Sites To Your Site Doesn’t Necessarily Hurt

Let’s say your site has a DA of one billion and you get a link from a site that has a DA of 999,999,999, which is obviously less than one billion – can that hurt your Google rankings? In short, does getting links from pages that are lower quality than the place the link is directed to hurt your Google rankings?

The answer is no, not necessarily. Oh, and the DA example is bad sarcasm.

Google’s John Mueller was asked, as a follow up to the links placed without input story, if what if the other sites are low quality and those sites are linking to you. “Do we have to consider for disavow or we can leave it as it is?” John said “Just because a site isn’t as high-quality as yours doesn’t mean that links from it will harm your site in any way.”

But I guess if you bought those links, you should be afraid, very afraid. Sorry, maybe not afraid, again, the sarcasm, but paid links are against Google’s guidelines and can end up hurting you with a manual action.

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