Google: It Is Not Cheating Using AMP For Speed Optimization & Ranking

Let’s step back quickly and remind you that Google is releasing the Page Experience Update. Part of that are the core web vitals will become a ranking factor and you want your pages to be fast. If you use AMP, Google will use your AMP page for measuring those factors.

Google’s John Mueller said it is not cheating to use AMP. The question came up when someone asked which version will Google use, which we already answered above, the version Google serves to the searcher.

But here:

John says Google measures what the searcher will see:

Is that cheating? John says no.

You don’t have to use AMP, you can use whatever you want to make your pages fast. But Google generally sees AMP pages as super fast, just because it is designed to be fast. Of course, you can make AMP pages slow and then Google will see those pages as slow.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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