Google Images To Drop Dimensions Label On Thumbnails & Show Other Labels

A change is coming to Google Image Search on desktop later this week. You know that little label you see in the bottom corner of an image when you mouse over the image thumbnail in the search results? It shows the dimensions of the image… Well, that is going away and being replaced by product, recipe, video, and licensable labels instead.

Here is what it looks like now, I blew up the size of the thumbnail so you can see what I am talking about:

Here is what it will look like soon with these product, recipe, video, and licensable labels:

click for full size

After I covered the change on Search Engine Land, Google tweeted about it:

I think this change makes sense – I suspect it should increase clicks on some images and make things a bit easier to understand. But time will tell.

So make sure to add your image markups as applicable, product markup, video markup, recipe markup and the new licensable markup.

This is how it looks on mobile anyway…

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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