Google: Image Search Swipe Up Feature Increases Your Site Traffic

Ten months ago, Google Image Search added a swipe up feature where it loads the web page the image is hosted on. Malte Ubl from Google said yesterday that this feature has proven to be great for site owners. He said it leads better click through rates from Google Image Search and more traffic to your site.

Here is how the feature looks if you have not seen it:

You basically swipe up to visit the site. Matle from Google said on Twitter “this swipe up feature is great to optimize click through rate from Image Search. Users love it and traffic to your site goes up!”

This was after Google removed a feature in image search where AMP pages would not show the URL of the main site to click on. Matle said it was a mistake and would be fixed:

Here is his tweet on the increased traffic because of the swipe up:

I wonder if any of you who track image search traffic can confirm this with their data?

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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