Google Home Smart Displays How-To Tutorials, Like Recipes

Google has been showing recipes, like step by step on how to make certain dishes, on Google Home Hub or smart displays for years if you use recipe markup. But now it seems Google is showing tutorials on these smart displays if you have how-to markup.

Glenn Gabe shared a video of his site showing up in the Google Home Hub smart display for “tutorials.” The feature seems somewhat live and a bit confused because if you look closely, it also says “show full recipe.”

Here is his tweet with the video showing this in action:

This looks almost exactly like the recipe results on these smart displays. But in this case, there is no recipe markup, just how-to markup on the page, according to Glenn Gabe. Glenn added “It’s worth noting that Google is still providing YouTube videos for a # of how-to queries I tested. I was able to surface several “tutorials” during my testing like the video I shared. Google is treating them like recipes… Not sure this is fully baked yet, pun intended.” Ha ha…

Here is another example:

You can even run this in the Google Rich Results test to see how it looks and previews.

click for full size

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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