Google Having Issues Indexing Disqus Comments?

Google may be having issues indexing new comments on blogs and web sites powered by Disqus, a commenting platform that we use here. Praveen Sharma complained about it on Twitter and Martin Splitt from Google said it “looks like a glitch on our end.”

Here is the complaint:

Martin Splitt from Google responded:

Martin responded after his co-worker, Gary Illyes said on Twitter “They’re not loaded indeed. The indexed versions don’t have comment tokens at al, but rendering works just fine and has the comments section in its limited frame.”

I tested a few new comments a couple hours after Martin confirmed there was an issue and it seemed Google was able to find them in Google Search. So maybe it was fixed shortly later?

Are you having issues? We know that Google now is able to fully render these comments, which may be a good or bad thing…

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: So I tested a comment here, on this post below and Google did crawl, index and rank it. So maybe it is now resolved?

click for full size

Note: Glenn Gabe does not think this is a new issue but a long ongoing issue he wrote about over here.


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