Google: Don’t Lose Sleep Over Others Scraping Your Content

John Mueller of Google said on Twitter that he wouldn’t lose sleep over others scraping your copyrighted content. He said “there’s a lot of scraped content out there which has minimal visibility, it’s not always worth losing sleep over it.”

People literally scrape the content on this site within seconds of me hitting the publish button. Most of that is automated scrapping, others will use it for articles in newsletters or on their blogs days later. It happens. It is normal. People copy and paste.

Maybe 15 years it bothered me. Now I don’t care and it doesn’t bother me. I definitely do not lose sleep over it.

In 2011, Matt Cutts did a video on stolen content outranking you and then in 2013 we heard that if your site is penalized, then Google might rank the stolen content above your original content.

Here is John’s tweet:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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